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Transform A Standard Dress Into A Couture Masterpiece!

The House of Windsor now offers Couture Inspirations. Have you fallen madly in-love with a designer wedding gown or celebrity red carpet dress but don’t have the necessary extended budget?!  Now you can start with a standard dress and transform it into a couture masterpiece without the heavy duty price tag!

Transform Your Dress into a couture masterpiece

Experience the essence of haute couture with lovingly handcrafted details and lavish fabrics that transform a simple dress or gown into a unique couture masterpiece just for you.

  • Breathtaking straps with delicate flowers and intricate beading which flow effortlessly over your shoulder.
  • Romantic flowers with crystal and pearl stamens.
  • Voluminous tulle adornments that fall beautifully down the side of your gown.
  • Exotic feathers and hand beaded brooches all can take a simple dress style into the world of haute couture.
  • Intricate additions to adorn your shoes.
  • Dazzling diamontes or crystals that catch your eye.

Whether your inspiration comes directly off the red carpet in Hollywood or from the exquisite work of the Paris and European designers, we provide a highly personalised care and top quality service to guarantee a truly unique experience in the creation of your dream wedding gown or special occasion dress.

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