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Designer Hats

A  custom made hat is an exciting addition to an outfit for a special occasion and will add an individual finishing touch.  Whether it is a day out at the races, or a  wedding attendance, a designer hat will certainly help create a look that is exceptional.

You can choose from an extensive selection of hats – both ready to wear and handmade are available in store – or you can have something made especially for you. It is easy to choose a style that suits, and your trim can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish.

Talented Milliners

The House of Windsor stocks a wide variety of hat styles by several talented milliners, including Brenda Wilson, Pam Cameron (Ascot Hats), Carolyn Unwin, Ann-Maree Willett and Karen Manley. Each milliner has her own unique style which means you have a huge designer selection to choose from which is constantly being added to keeping the looks fresh and up to date.

Hats can be tailored to your individual outfit or you can choose the hat first and outfit second! Either way, we can assist in helping you select a style that makes you look fabulous!

Custom fitting

If you are outside the average head size and have had trouble finding a hat that fits you properly, come and visit the professionals!  Your hat will be tailored for you

The images shown below give a glimpse of some of the endless possiblilities available.  Each designer hat is painstakingly made using quality materials and  paying attention to detail producing a world class piece of millinery.

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