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headpiecesShould I wear a hat or a headpiece?

Headpieces are a popular choice of headwear,  and can be both appropriate and comfortable for most occasions. As a general rule, you can wear whichever feels more comfortable, taking into consideration your choice of outfit and the event you will be attending.

The only real exception to this rule is if you are attending Royal Ascot in England where there are strict rules regarding the minimum size of the hat or headpiece that is worn.

Designer Headpieces

As you can see from the selection shown  they range from smaller pieces, suited more often to bridal attendants or for formal headpieces, through to extravagant combinations of fabric and feathers more suited to racewear.  Comfort and wearability are essential and there are several ways to wear a headpiece. Variations include  headpieces on a headband, headpieces on a small shape secured with hat elastic, to wire loops securely pinned in place. At the House of Windsor we appreciate that wearing a headpiece may be an unfamiliar experience for you so we  design and create all types of headpieces and select the type  that works best for you.

From matching the colours, to deciding on which feathers to use, our designers are experts in designing a headpiece that is not just an after thought,  but is an integral part of your overall look.

We encourage you to visit the store with your outfit and we will work with you to create a headpiece that will be a perfect complement!

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